What is Windsurfing.pro Blogs?

We want to provide blogs for windurfers, under a great domain to promote them. Blogs can be managed by a single author or a group of friends that want a shared blog.

Of course blogs do not need to be 100% windsurfing but related. You are free to post anything you want ( legal 🙂 ) in your blog.

Blogs appear on the news pretty often these days. For example, a reporter is tipped to a story by a blog, or a blog reports another angle on a story. Blogs show up in magazines, forums, tv, press, etc.

But … What is a Blog?

– A blog is normally a single page of entries. There may be archives of older entries, but the “main page” of a blog is all anyone really cares about.

– A blog is organized in reverse-chronological order, from most recent entry to least recent.

– A blog is normally public — the whole world can see it.

– The entries in a blog usually come from a single author or a reduced group of people (a team).

– The entries in a blog are usually stream-of-consciousness. There is no particular order to them. For example, if I see a good link, I can throw it in my blog. The tools that most bloggers use make it incredibly easy to add entries to a blog any time they feel like it.

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